A statement on racial equity from Goodwill Detroit.

Statement on Racial Equity from CEO and Executive Leadership at Goodwill Detroit

As the CEO and executive team of Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit, we typically would not issue a statement on racial equity, as we believe that the work of our organization is our statement.  We work every day to help people overcome barriers to independence and dignity, some of which are the all-too-predictable results of racism and oppression.  So, our position is clear.

This country’s history of racism undermines the most basic ideals of a democratic nation.  We call for the dismantling of systems infected by white supremacy, structural racism, and systemic oppression that exist across this country.  Criminal justice systems are just one of many that will have to be re-thought, replaced, and rebuilt if this country is ever to actually achieve the promise of its founding ideals.  We see it in housing, health, employment, education, access to capital, and countless other places. 

Here at Goodwill Detroit, we exist in order to ensure that everyone—everyone!—has a fair shot at independence and dignity.  While that refrain unites us and our supporters, it also serves as a clarion call for justice and a guide to our daily work.  We re-commit ourselves to the very best of that work today.  We re-commit to continue to confront and eliminate any institutional bias that exists at our organization.  We also call upon every other company to do the same.

Finally, we empathize and stand in solidarity with our Black employees and trainees.  You are valued and valuable.  Black lives matter.

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