Finding that Human Connection

Some of us know exactly what we want to do in life, but many of us need some help finding a match for our skills and interests.

Before he came to Michigan Works!, Cameron was a caregiver. The pay wasn’t as rewarding as he was looking for, so his dad suggested he reach out to Michigan Works!, operated by Goodwill Detroit. There, he met Elizabeth. She had him take some tests and discovered that he had anxiety issues. With Elizabeth’s guidance, Cameron was able to enroll into occupational training and it was smooth sailing after that.

Aptitude testing showed that Cameron was mechanically inclined, so he chose heating and cooling training. “Elizabeth helped me beyond the job interview,” says Cameron. “She helped me get new tires on my car so I could get to work. She helped me with a $500 tool allowance and made sure I had the proper uniform. She even helped get me a brand-new pair of work boots.”

When Cameron had to move closer to work, Elizabeth and Michigan Works! found him an apartment and even helped with the security deposit.

“She’s like the mom I always wanted,” says Cameron. “She checks up on you. She’s a huge supporter.”

Michigan Works! is all about educating and inspiring people to keep them working jobs in which they can thrive. Bringing that human connection to Cameron and others goes a long way toward a better life.