It’s About the People

Sometimes to make the biggest impact, you have to make a connection with someone who shares your vision and your mission. That’s how it started for Lena, CVS workforce initiatives operations manager and Goodwill Detroit board member.

Lena attended an informational meeting with Goodwill Detroit and heard their story. They’ve been partners ever since. “Goodwill is a great partner with powerful programs trying to change lives— programs like Flip the script, Second Chance, and Green Works, to name a few,” says Lena. She believes in giving people the tools, opportunities, and chances to provide for themselves and their families. She stresses that the key to success is training and giving people the skills they need for life. And that’s exactly what Goodwill Detroit has been doing for 100 years.

“That’s what I do every day: give people a second chance,” says Lena.

Her partnership with Goodwill provides her with a greater opportunity to reach more people. Lena feels that people often just want to be a regular person without being labeled. “A mistake should not define what person you can be,” she says.

Lena has also been a longtime personal donor to Goodwill and its programs. To her, it’s all about the people and more than just the “feel-good” aspect. “It’s just the right thing to do,” Lena says. “We want to see where they are a year from now, to see if they’ve had a change in their life.”

Whether it’s her corporate partnership, her active role as a board member, or her personal commitment, it’s clear that Lena’s impact will be felt for decades to come.