Impact Day


Giving someone a second chance opportunity to not only make a living, but to build a life, is a transformative power. Impact Day Detroit is all about celebrating and bringing attention to the many programs and services that help create these opportunities.

Impact Day Detroit 2022 is the beginning of what we hope will be an annual event, bringing together organizations and individuals that care about creating second-chance employment opportunities in and around Detroit.

The day itself will be a gathering of like-minded people and value-sharing corporate partners interested in making a difference. The goal is to raise awareness of the many challenges job-seekers face in underserved communities.

In our inaugural year, Goodwill Detroit will announce it’s expanded commitment to Occupational Training with plans to open a new skilled trades school in 2023.

Surrounding this event will be live music, local food and beverage offerings, a guest speaker series, and curated pop-ups from the many organizations involved in the work.

July 22nd, 2022 will also serve as a kick-off to Detroit’s birthday weekend. As the city turns 320 years old.

Impact Stories

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