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Goodwill’s Green Works is now bottling and distributing hand sanitizer to business and community leaders throughout Southeast Michigan. Green Works is your partner in keeping Michigan’s workforce and communities healthy and safe. Send us an email if you are interested in learning more.

Goodwill’s Green Works is an industrial recycling facility on Detroit’s east side.

Green Works operates as a subsidiary business under Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit. They provide asset recovery services that help save money and are safe for the environment.

Goodwill’s Green Works helps prepare individuals with the skills for middle-class factory employment positions. It provides real life experiences in a professional environment. Green Works offers both transitional work experience and independent employment opportunities for individuals in our programs, and in the community. Goodwill’s Green Works provides a second chance for employees and trainees to redirect their own lives in a more productive and meaningful way.

We are here to light a new path. It is up to you to decide if you want to take it.” – Jay Wilber, Goodwill’s Green Works President

Goodwill’s Green Works recycles waste materials from industrial structures. Using the commodity market, Green Works breaks down scrap material and resells and distributes them for the opportunity at a second life. Some of these materials include cable wiring, oil filters, or even household refrigerators! The Green Works facility uses ‘clean room’ processing to help break down and process environmentally sensitive materials. They also offer low-cost solutions for labor intensive operations. Goodwill’s Green Works is proud to work with a variety of customers, including a 70+ year partnership with DTE Energy.

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