A Sense of Pride

Hitting the reset button on life is hard. Starting over from scratch is even tougher.

Clinton had just been released from prison after 12 years. He came home with essentially nothing and no one. He was looking for someone to believe in him. “My parole officer had me go to a job fair,” says Clinton.

“Goodwill stood out to me. They talked to me.”

After his interview with Goodwill, Clinton enrolled in Goodwill’s Flip the Script program, and shortly after, he started in the welding training program where his journey to independence and dignity began. “Goodwill’s support went beyond the classes,” says Clinton. “They offered gas cards to make sure I could get back and forth to the program and helped me out with services for my vehicle. The support helps a lot because I started with nothing, and that’s what kept me grounded on the good path.”

Clinton adds, “Goodwill helped with the relationships that I’ve built. They helped me get on a career path after the program was complete. I wasn’t on my own anymore.” He has since joined the Ironworkers Union. “I found pride in what I could do and what I could build. [It’s] something I could teach my kids, and they could learn to do it.”

Whatever the future may hold, you can bet that Clinton will have a hand in building it.