It’s All About Making a Difference

You’d assume someone with multiple master’s degrees would be locked into their career. But when Amanda’s job moved out of state, she had to make some tough decisions. Luckily, she was open to  new opportunities and found she was  completely right for the one she found at Goodwill’s Michigan Works!

“I was ready for something like this,” says Amanda. “You know, people go through their entire lives looking for what their purpose might be. I’ve always been involved with ‘giving-back’ positions, in business or veterinary medicine—and now here.”

For Amanda, to be able to help people in the community is its own reward. She knows it’s helping the people, but also the businesses in the area that may not know of grant programs. “It’s my job to know what’s out there and to give that information to people,” says Amanda. “This can sometimes be the difference between keeping people employed or unemployed.”

Last year during the pandemic, a gentleman came in with three kids in tow. His wife had passed away two weeks prior, and his kids hadn’t eaten in two days. He had lost his home and his car. Amanda took his information and within two hours got his unemployment pushed through and $17,000 in his pocket. She also got him some emergency money to feed the kids in the interim. “He told me he was going to go to church that weekend and thank God I existed. I will never forget that,” says Amanda.

Many people and businesses have benefitted from Amanda’s talent and compassion. Goodwill is grateful that she found her way here to help this special community.