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Goodwill Detroit’s Specialized Employment and Training program held its first graduation of two cohorts for the Digitability Skill Building program honoring 17 graduates.

Since launching in June 2021, Digitability has helped trainees bridge gaps in their digital knowledge. The program teaches trainees how to access digital resources for personal development such as, financial management and transportation, as well as teaching them how to use technology to find and be successful in employment. The program also improves trainees’ self-confidence and promotes the importance of self-advocacy in their personal and professional lives. Digital Skills program staff have noticed a distinct decrease in challenging behaviors exhibited by trainees, due to the program being highly structured and interactive.

“There is always quite a learning curve when starting something new – for the staff as much as the trainees. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to start this journey with. Each rose to the challenge of growing personally and professionally and it has been an honor to grow with them.”

Shannon Kelley, Digital Skills Supervisor

Trainees created a website as their final project to complete the program and it was presented at the ceremony.  The project consisted of developing the ‘home’ and ‘about us’ page and starting on the ‘transportation’ page.  The completion of the website will be done by the next two cohorts. Click here to see the final project.

Trainees are employed by Goodwill Detroit and placed throughout various subsidiaries while completing the training program. After graduation many trainees choose to continue employment and supportive services with Goodwill toward developing more advanced independent living skills (e.g. financial literacy and management, applying for jobs online, interview skills, etc.) to later pursue independent competitive employment opportunities outside of Goodwill.

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