Finding People Who Understand You

Stephanie’s story started in grade school. She was having problems in class because she had trouble focusing and was dealing with anxiety. She was put on medicine but continued to have problems in school. “I had to work really hard to get my high school diploma,” says Stephanie.

Then in her twenties, Stephanie endured even more struggles when her husband passed away. She remarried, but her new husband passed away after 10 years. “I was looking for some help,” says Stephanie. “Most programs were trying to give me meds and not counseling. Those programs didn’t work for me. I had a mental breakdown.”

Then Stephanie heard about A Place of My Own Clubhouse, a Goodwill Detroit program.

Stephanie has been part of the program for two years. “I really like it because there are people just like me, going through some of the same things I’m going through,” says Stephanie. “At first, I thought people were being fake, but they really are that nice. They really care about what’s going on in your life and being a permanent part of your life. They don’t just care about you for a minute. They care about you—mind and soul. I really like being here.”

Stephanie has found a place to learn and socialize.

“They teach us skills that we can use in work and life,” she says. “And I met my best friend Patricia here.”

Stephanie is happy to feel comfortable and accepted. Now she has the rest of her life to share that amazing smile with the world.