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“Today we celebrate our Independence Day,” isn’t just a classic line from a Hollywood blockbuster. For Americans, it’s a value we carry with us throughout the year. Yes, on the Fourth of July we indulge in some of the recreational aspects of the American experience: barbecues, beach vacations, family reunions and fireworks. But once the day ends, the last sparkler dims and our friends and family leave the party, the majority of us don’t think much about what it means to be independent. We value it, we don’t want it taken away; and yet, we give it little thought until it’s threatened.

At Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit, independence is at the top of our mind 365 days of the year. As we continue to see those who manage economic instability daily, we remain committed to supporting our fellow Americans. We believe that by teaching others to fish; providing access to training, education and employment opportunities can lead to a self-sustained life.

We fulfill our mission of putting people with employment challenges to work by being at the intersection of workforce and economic development. Equally critical is that Goodwill serves as a bridge from workforce and economic development back to the community. And by creating sustainable businesses that serve as the economic engine for providing relevant programming, Goodwill is able to support those who need a helping hand. It’s how we build a bridge to independence for many to cross.

The majority of Americans who feel marginalized on the sidelines want an opportunity to get in the game. We all want the ability to, independently, support our families, our communities and make a contribution to something greater than ourselves. Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit is proud to provide support for the first, second and every step that follows in our fellow Detroiters’ efforts to achieve dignity, economic stability and independence.

This Fourth of July, let’s commit to doing something good to make America a place of independence for all.


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