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Goodwill’s Green Work Employee Appreciation and Safety Celebration

Creating a positive and productive workplace begins with a culture of safety. This culture is at the foundation of Goodwill’s Green Works and is consistently reinforced throughout the company.  This June, Goodwill’s Green Works will honor and celebrate its employees for our tremendous safety accomplishment – 18 months plus with “no loss time incidents!”  This milestone is important because in our industry, SAFETY is job number one.

During the coronavirus pandemic, the safety of all employees remained a top priority.  Deemed an essential business, GGW took the time revisit safety plans and adjust policies to better suit the changing threats that are present in the workplace. Last year GGW implemented the following new protocols to ensure the safety of all team members: staggered work shifts and lunch breaks; fumigating high traffic areas regularly; sanitizing high frequency touch points i.e. door handles, vending machines; reduced working hours from 40 to 30 hours during the pandemic peak months.

Safety in the warehouse and workplace can protect the health and lives of employees. By taking the right precautions, Goodwill’s Green Works prevented illness and injury, and remained a safe and healthy workplace during the pandemic and beyond.  Employers should always remember that safe employees are more productive and more likely to remain loyal to the company if as an employer we take care of all employees, then the employees will take care of their jobs.

Thank you to all of the GGW team members that contributed to this success and we look forward to another year of “no loss time incidents”.  We would also like to thank our board members, DTE representatives and GIGD executive team members and board members, and colleagues who celebrated with this major milestone with us.

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