Spotlight on STEM
Youth Program

Goodwill Spotlight on STEM Program

The Spotlight on STEM Youth Program provides a unique experience to disconnected youth who are interested in a challenging and fun program designed to give them an 8 week introduction into Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) philosophy via an interactive computer based learning experience. Our program teaches critical thinking skills and places an emphasis on careers supported by STEM based learning. The Spotlight on STEM program experience will help participants open their minds to the possibilities of careers in STEM professions in a fun and exciting way!

This FREE program combines:

  • •  8-week Classroom Training
  • •  Job Readiness Skills Training
  • •  Coordination and Supportive Assistance



Participants must:

  1. 1. Be between the ages of 16-29 years of age
  2. 2. Be motivated to learn about STEM technology and STEM careers
  3. 3. Be able to commit to 8 weeks of a fun interactive learning experience
  4. 4. Have a State Identification/Drivers License and Social Security Card


Contact Information

Jamil Norwood
Program Coordinator
Phone: (313)557-8620